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We really appreciate you taking the time today to visit our website. Our aim is to provide you with an invaluable experience and allow you to conveniently discover, ask questions, find answers and apply to university all from one place.

Are you looking for consultants to offer services in pursuit of your higher education? Are you aware that there are lot many opportunities in life than expected? Join us to explore the world of higher education

Provide honest and coherent service with integrity and accountability to become a leading and trusted name in the business of overseas education consulting

Deliver the best leaning opportunities that will empower and build young minds to excel on both professional and personal fronts.
Partner with institutions to provide reliable study options for all aspirants.

Why Wisdom Tara?

With us you do not have to worry about making a mistake. Whether on your admission application or visa application we use our outstanding expertise to make sure you have the perfect applications that guarantees success and you get much more:

Student Counseling

Free student counseling from qualified counselors


University accommodation ensuring the students safety

Visa Processing

Study visa approval success with our visa processing service

University Admission

University acceptance from top universities and Colleges

Abroad Study Destinations

India, Thailand, Canada, Australia


Study in Australia

Study in Australia means access to best universities in the world leading to solid education and top degree courses.

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Study in Canada

Those who wish to study in Canada can looking forward to solid education and Canada immigration break.

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Study in Thailand

Study in Thailand for access to the largest number of campus choices and the widest range of academic majors.

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